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Keith Owen was born an artist, but it took running, hiding, and keeping a whole lot of secrets to paint the way he wanted to. It paid off. For years, he’s had the freedom to paint and see his art bring both acclaim and astronomical sums. Payback for what he did is coming, though, dangerous payback, and it threatens not only Keith but his grown children as well. He can’t run any longer.



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Finding books in iTunes is difficult. Go to Store. You must know the author. and search by that. All you will get is songs, but if you look to the right of the page under artists, you'll spy the author. It used to be easy. 

"In clear, sharp prose, J.T. Cooper explores the crippling power of secrets in this taut, psychological thriller. RUNNING unfolds through the voices of three family members. Bit by bit, the reader becomes inextricably hooked and, through many twists and turns, is reeled into a more complete understanding of human nature, of the fine line that separates good and evil, and of the neurotic tensions and conflicted loyalties that abound in families where secrets are guarded and kept. Suggestive of Patricia Highsmith and Ruth Rendell, Cooper’s voice is hers alone. She transforms the suspense novel into something more—a study of the artistic life and the price often paid in pursuit of it.  A page-turner, RUNNING is frightening, smart, and—ultimately—very gratifying."

    ----Gwyn Hyman Rubio, author of

Icy Sparks, The Woodsman’s Daughter,              

and Love & Ordinary Creatures