A passenger dies on the Barcelona-Cincinnati flight. EMTs and Customs officials suspect biological terrorism and lock down the Cincinnati Airport. Although some exposed passengers have already cleared and exited, the remaining ones, as well as TSA and other airport employees, Customs officers, and one airport policeman are flown to a moth-balled Army post for quarantine. Just before they take his phone, the policeman, Luke Davies, calls his wife Maggie and tells her to take their son to his parents’ home in rural Appalachia. Luke, isolated with strangers waiting to die, and Maggie, isolated in a world she hardly understands, hunker down to wait out the terrifying crisis, unaware that they, and their world, will be forever changed.


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Finding books in iTunes is difficult. Go to Store. You must know the author. and search by that. All you will get is songs, but if you look to the right of the page under artists, you'll spy the author. It used to be easy. 

“J.T. Cooper has crafted a riveting tale of a near apocalyptic pandemic and the actions and attitudes of the people caught in it. Her characters are finely drawn. She explores their motivations and responses as the death toll rises and communication, authorities, and services rapidly diminish. Even as the focus turns to simply survival, they work at maintaining integrity, humanity, and faith in the face of disaster.”

Annabel Ihrig, author of

A House in the Country and Full Circle.


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