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Mountain Heritage Literary Festival. Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN

From Facebook - Back from the conference with writing batteries fully charged! The physical ones are a little depleted, however. Up this hill and down the next--guess that's why they call it the MOUNTAIN Heritage Literary Festival.
Some interesting reactions to the piece I read from the new novel. One guy said, "You stand up there with your sweet smile (he graciously refrained from saying 'and your old face') and we're expecting Christmas cookie recipes from Mrs. Claus. Then you read this dark, horrific stuff."  

Well. I guess I need to look more edgy. Tatoos? Piercings?

Complete account - JT is being modest in not telling the whole story. With somewhat grudging approval, here goes. The opening scene of the novel concerns a terrorist aboard an international flight. He has been purposely infected with a highly contagious variant of hemorrhagic flu. It details how he spreads his mucous and saliva among the passengers. 

Imagine the surprise that this was met with laughter from the audience. Discussing this with others after the fact elicited the incongruity mentioned above. It was also considered, "Whistling through the graveyard." The other readings got polite clapping, but JT's was received with very nearly thunderous applause along with some hooting.